1. Ledger folio charges Applicable to BUSINESS CHECKING &   OVERDRAFT Account (excluding loan against banks own deposits)
Overdraft Account G$ 500.00 per ledger page
Business Checking Account G$ 500.00 per ledger page
Business Checking Account -USD No folio charges
Savings Bank Accounts No folio charges
For accounts maintained on computers, 30 entries or part thereof to be treated as One ledger page.
Ledger folio charges to be recovered on  QUATERLY basis  at  the  time  of quarterly closing.
2. Charges for issue Of Duplicate Statement/Pass Book First Pass Book Free
Duplicate Pass Book with  latest balance G$ 1500.00
Statement per ledger page G$  300.00

Cheque Book Issuance Charges

Savings Bank, Business Checking

Account & Overdraft Account:

Personalized cheque book

20 leafs –  G$ 1500

50 leafs –  G$ 3500

100 leafs –  G$ 7000



Opening & minimum balances Business Checking Account G$ 10,000.00
Savings Bank Accounts G$ 1000.00


Charges for not maintaining minimum balance Business Checking Accounts G$ 1000.00 per month
Savings Bank Accounts G$ 500.00 per annum.




Charges for Standing Instructions

Addition/deletion of names in joint Accounts/Change in Operational Instructions (Including Lockers)/ Any other transaction instructions G$ 300.00 per instruction



Charges for Stop Payment Instructions (Per instrument)

Savings Bank Accounts G$ 500.00 per instrument
Business Checking Accounts G$ 1500.00 per instrument
Overdraft Accounts G$ 1500.00 per instrument

In case of loss of complete blank cheque book

Savings Bank Accounts G$ 2500.00
Business Checking Accounts G$ 5000.00
Overdraft Accounts G$ 5000.00
8. Charges for Cheque returned unpaid Local cheques:
(A) Cheque deposited & Returned
Unpaid (Inward Return)
Normal Clearing G$ 600.00 per instrument
Special Clearing G$ 1200.00 per instrument
(B) Cheque (drawn on us) returned(Outward Return) G$ 1200.00 per instrument
1) Charges to be recovered for both inward and outward clearing
2) For  transfer  cheques  received  at the branch, charges to be recovered from  the  drawer  of  the cheque
3) Branch Manager can double the said charges in cases where the incidence of cheque return is high
9. Incidental charges for inoperative accounts ( A) Inoperative Savings Bank A/cs
(i) Account maintaining stipulated minimum balance — N I L—-
(ii) Account NOT maintaining stipulated minimum  balance –  at the time of interest application as at end of 1st year of inoperative status G$ 250.00
(iii) If the balance in the a/c is G$250.00 or less – Entire balance to be appropriated towards service charges
(B) For inoperative Current Account G$ 1000.00 per half year
This charge is in addition to charges for not maintaining minimum balance
10. Charges for Reactivation of Dormant Accounts Savings Bank Account G$ 1500.00
Business Checking Account G$ 2500.00
11. Charges for issuance of Balance Certificate at the request of customer Savings Bank Accounts G$ 1500.00
Fixed Deposit Account G$ 1500.00
Business Checking Account G$ 1500.00
12. Charges for issuance of Certificate for Income Tax purpose at the request of customer Savings Bank Accounts G$ 1500.00
Business Checking Account G$ 2000.00
Overdraft/Loan account G$ 2000.00
13. Premature closure of A/cs –

(within a Year)

Savings Bank Accounts G$ 1500.00
Business Checking Accounts G$ 3000.00
1. Processing Charges (fresh) Fund Based Working Capital
Overdraft Limit/ Demand/ Term Loan
Up to G$ 10.00 million 1% loan amount Max.
Above G$ 10.00 million & up to G$ 25.00 million 0.75% loan amount Max. G$ 100,000
Above G$ 25.00 million & up to G$ 50.00 million 0.50%  loan  amount  Max. G$ 200,000
Above G$ 50.00 million 0.50% loan amount
2. Processing Charges for
Review of credit facilities Working Capital & NFB Normal charges
Demand Loan/ Term Loan No review charges
Adhoc sanction Pro-rata for the period of Adhoc at Applicable rates for  the   Adhoc Portion over the existing limits


Letter of Credit Processing Charges 2% of LC amount or G$ 2500, whichever is higher


Guarantee Processing Charges 2% of BG amount or G$ 2500, whichever is higher
5. Commitment Charges For all FB & NFB Advances 50% of Processing Charges
6. Cheque/ Bills Purchased/ Discounted or advances made there against. All type of Bills/ Cheques purchased/ discounted and reimbursement received within 1 month. (This charge covers interest for 1 month time) 0.50% of bill/cheque amount + collection charges as per section-III (presently it is also 0.50% of bill/ cheque  amount)  + actual
postagecharges/out of pocket expenses.
On cheques/ bills not realized within 1 month or returned unpaid at any point of time Penal interest to be charged from 1st day  of expiry  of 1 month of date of purchase till the date of actual reimbursement/ if cheque or bill returned unpaid at any point of time Apart  from  above  charges Penal Interest @ (PLR + 3%) pa for actual days in default in case reimbursement is received/ for actual days from purchase or discount date, in case of cheque or bill returned unpaid.
In all cases of Collecting Bank’s Charges, if any, should be recovered in full.
1. Collection of Cheques/ Bills (Clean/ Doc.-Demand & Usance)  


Both OBC & IBC

0.50%  of  the  Cheque/  Bill amount + actual postage charges/ out of pocket expenses.
Handling Charges for Cheque/Bills returned unpaid Outstation Over and above collection charges, G$ 1500 + postage
In all cases of Collecting Bank’s Charges, if any, should be recovered in full.
2. Collection of GRA Vehicle

Licensing Fee

G$ 200 per challan/voucher
3. Collection of GPL Electricity G$ 40 per challan/ voucher
1. Issuance of Manager’s Check Up-to G$ 1,000,000 G$ 2000 per BC
Above G$ 1,000,000 G$ 2500 per BC
2. Issuance of Foreign Demand Draft in US$ and other currency Any Amount G$ 5000 per DD
3. Cancellation of DD/ Managers’ Cheque and/ or issue of fresh DD/ Managers’ Cheque in lieu of lost one Cancellation of DD/ Managers’ cheque G$ 2000 per DD / BC
Issue of fresh DD/ Managers’ cheque Normal charges
4. Remittance of fund
Outward Remittance through Rapid Funds 2 India G$ 5,000 per remittance
NEFT G$ 5,000 per remittance
RTGS G$ 5,000 per remittance
Wire Transfer (SWIFT) G$ 5,000 per remittance
Inward Remittance Inward Wire Transfer (SWIFT) Remittance Min. G$ 2000 or USD10.00@ rate of remittance whichever is higher
Against  tender  of  cash  for any mode of remittance 100% higher charges over floor rates


Cash Handling Charges Cash Deposits in checking/ overdraft account 1% of the amount of cash deposited at any instance.
Cash Deposits in all other accounts more than G$ 5.00 million per day G$ 1000.00 per million for excess cash amount  above G$ 5.00 million per day




Late cash deposit/Night deposit

After close of normal business hour on the day G$ 8000 per occasion apart from other applicable charges
3. Class of locker: SMALL G$ 8000 p.a.
MEDIUM G$ 12000 p.a.
LARGE G$ 20000 p.a.

1. In case of breaking open of the locker,

Actual cost incurred for break open plus following incidental charges to be recovered
SMALL G$ 100,000
MEDIUM G$ 250,000
LARGE G$ 350,000
2. Penalty for late payment of locker
rent (from the due date) be levied as under:
SMALL G$ 100 per month
MEDIUM G$ 200 per month
LARGE G$ 300 per month
3. Charges  for  Locker  operations more than -12- times a year G$ 300 per occasion
4. Opening of NRI’s Account Actual postage expenses incurred 100% to be recovered
5. Internet Banking Free of cost Free of cost


  1. Bank reserves the right to change/ revise any of its charges/ fee etc. without any prior notice.
  2. Apart from the above mentioned charges/ fees bank reserves the right to levy any other charges/ fee without any notice.
  3. Wherever applicable the actual cost of stamp to be borne by the customer.
  4. Legal/ valuation charges or any other professional fee (if any) will be recovered separately on actual basis and are excluded from this list.
  5. Inspection Charges will be levied as per Bank’s rule.
  6. Actual Postages on account of any services rendered by the Bank on customer’s request will be recovered separately.
  7. Non-refundable commitment charges will be recovered for processing the loan application even if it is not sanctioned/ availed off, it will be adjusted from the processing charges once the advances is availed off. Will be recovered in advance at the time of making application for loan.
  8. Managing Director is authorized to extend a concession upto 50% in service charges & fees on case to case basis.